Stony 9-11-12

On Tues, Sep 11, 2012 at 5:20 PM, Bruce Mack <> wrote:
Who do you think was wearing this jersey?
Today, ready to ride were the following (L to R) George I., Bill, Stuart, Steve, Rick, George L., TJ, Pat and myself (not shown today).
Heading to West Branch.
 Mr. Shadow was with us today.
You take the low road and we’ll take the high road.
Steve said, “Rick, go toward the light.”
It was time to do a little off-trail walking …
Heading into Bald Mountain South …
 Over to PCT Trail …
Up through the cork-screw  …                   Into Bald Mountain North.
Which way do we go now?                     Again, which way do we go?
Who is this???

29er Week (Kicked off February 29, 2012): 26 vs 29 (Traction)

29er Week:  26 vs 29

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You decide!

To mark BikeRadar’s 29er week – kicking off 29th February 2012 – we sent resident big wheel advocate Andrew Dodd and reformed skeptic Justin Loretz to the Forest of Dean armed with Specialized MTBs in 26″ and 29″ flavours.

Andrew Dodd (MBUK) and Justin Loretz (What Mountain Bike) explain why better 29er climbing traction is down to more than just tyre contact.