Stony 9-1-12 aka Ronde Von Stony Pre Ride

On Sat, Sep 1, 2012 at 8:46 PM, Bruce Mack <> wrote:
First things first … start the morning with a rootbeer from Traverse City.  The day was going to recreate the route for Ronde Von Stony coming up in a few weeks.  There are 11 riders in the photo, but only 10 took the leap, guess who did not go?
Who does NOT belong in this photo?
                                                                        Heading over to Ridgewood.
Ok, this is where the race starts.
 Jenna & Karie cruising along.
As we headed through the Trolley Trails going down one of the hills, a rock got in Jim’s way and away he went and most likely will now take over first place in tumbling ahead of George I. and Jenna.  Here is how Jim looked coming out of the woods, good thing he landed on a short pile of sand and dirt. A few cuts and bruises along with some scrapes.  I stopped over later in the day and it was HOLY COW! It looked someone gave Jim a shot of botox in his lower lip.

Making a decision on which way to go.
Nice cabinet … and it comes with hinges, too.
Stopping by Bruce’s Cemetery–yes, that’s me in the photo, a rare one.
Stuart riding his new Orange Diamondback, lookin’ cool.
Dave is asking, “Anyone want some soybeans?
We are at another crossroad and have to make a decision.
Heading home …
“I’m stuck!”

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