On Thu, Aug 30, 2012 at 5:59 PM, Bruce Mack <dynawd94@yahoo.com> wrote:

Once again the wind was blowing and the temp was mild this morning.  Steve left his Niner home and rode his(photo 2) and George L., took out his 650b(photo 3).  Once again, there was going to be two groups once we got to Kern going through Bear Creek, TJ and Dave.Kom went right and the rest of us went left to do Bald Mountain and Lake Orion-“The Dragon

(L to R) Dave.Kom, TJ, George I., Steve, George L., Pat, David, Jim.
Heading out of the park  …
to West Branch … 
and through the gate.
Heading to Bear Creek and beyond.

Hey Mr. Shadow has a biking buddy.
George unwrapping the vine.
Kurt took the lead going to Lake Orion and doing “The Dragon”.
Steve blazing the trail.

Gathering up the group.
These ROOTS mean trouble for …
How is your helmet George? OK!

Time for a break. and you ask where?
Where are you going, where are you going?

Group split again, hey look who is on PCT!
Four pack going back through Bear Creek.
And a three pack going back to Stony Creek.

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